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Our Church We are a Baptist Church, a name from antiquity, a name that has a certain meaning. We believe in the foundational teachings of the Bible. (Jude 3) Our name is Trinity Baptist, and it is descriptive of the foundation of our faith as Christians. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are declared in the Bible and we believe in God as the Bible teaches. We are Trinity Independent Baptist because we believe in the autonomy or self-governance of the local church. Our church makes its own decisions based on the written Word of God and we seek to have God’s leadership in the life of the church. We are a Church because the church is the one organism and organization that Jesus Himself founded while on the earth. (Matthew 16:18) Our Community Because of our location, we are uniquely situated to serve Kansas City, Raytown, and Independence, Missouri. Our desire is to reach not only our local area but the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As believers in the God of the Bible, we, as a local church, believe we have the commission to evangelize (preach the Gospel) the world. Therefore, we have a mission program to reach several parts of our world and we have an outreach program in our local area. We gather on Sundays for Sunday School at 10 AM and worship service at 11 AM, evening Bible study at 6 PM. We gather to study the Bible and pray together on Wednesday evenings at 7PM. We have other service-oriented times for our congregation. Our Vision Our vision is to worship the God of the Bible and serve Him with our whole lives. Our further desire is to bring the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to the homes of our area. This message is expressed in what the Bible calls the Gospel, the good news that Jesus died for us, to redeem us from sin, and transform us to serve in His Kingdom. SEE MORE ABOUT THE GOSPEL MESSAGE OF SALVATION
Trinity Independent Baptist Church 4501 Pittman Road | Kansas City, MO 64133Phone: (816) 358-5858 | Email: trinity.ind.baptist@gmail.com