About the Silver Saints

Silver Saints is a group formed to recognize, and thank a silver haired generation. It is for those 50 and over, and for their spouses. Right now our oldest "member" is 91 and our youngest just turned 50. Each quarter we get together for food, fun, fellowship, singing, games, and a short message to strengthen and encourage us. May 5th at 4 PM is our next meeting. We meet 4 times a year. It's a time to get together with folks who remember... "the good old days..." Each meeting, we give out a copy of our group paper... "The Silver Saint Salute." The paper features stories on the hymns of the faith, messages of the past, poems, senior humor, and games. Prizes are given to the winners of the games!

We have just started something new! We now are featuring a "saint of the quarter". This is somebody we choose who has been an encouragement to others. They will receive a prize as well! Come May 5th and meet our very first... saint of the quarter. Who will it be???

Saint of the Quarter - Hall of Fame COMING SOON!!!